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Truth About Radio

1. Radioís long been sold to retailers as the last media shoppers are exposed to before they head into a store, and new Arbitron-commissioned research shows that remains the case. It shows FM/AM radio reaches nearly one-third of the Adults 25-54 demo in the hour before the peak 1-2pm shopping period. Thatís nearly twice that of live TV, with a bigger gap compared to the web. The study also shows radio extends the unduplicated reach when combined with TV and the internet.

2. According to Arbitron/Coleman listener research study, radio retains 92% of its lead in audience during commercial breaks. This dispels the myth that listeners "button-push" every time a commercial comes on the air.

3. The Classic Hits radio format has grown in ratings for eight consecutive years. Classic Hits has been the fastest-growing format in recent years, showing audience gains in most dayparts.

4. We know you have your personal favorite music taste, but that does not mean your customers all share the same taste. Classic Hits radio consistently lands in the top 5 ratings of every market in Texas, and the United States for that matter. In the Texas Hill Country, the Oldies Station is the #1 alternative to Country radio, and the #1 choice for Baby Boomers.

5. Ever wonder which radio format is best to advertise on? Each format has its own unique and loyal listeners. According to Arbitron, only 13% of Classic Hits radio listeners also listen to Country radio, and 11% of Country radio listeners also tune in to Classic Hits radio. If you advertise on only one format, you're missing out on thousands of potential customers. It's equivalent to only inviting blue-eyed customers into your store. Your advertising plan should include the top three radio formats in your area to reach the most listeners.

6. So who is our competition? Since the area Country stations have a completely different audience than we do, and there is not another Classic Hits station in our area, there is no competition. The Oldies Station is heard all over the Hill Country in businesses, cars and homes because of itís listen-ability, friendly DJís, and local staff of professional broadcasters.

7. What's the ROI for radio advertising? Almost impossible to tell because radio reaches such a broad spectrum of listeners over a large area. You would have to survey thousands of people, in a half dozen counties, over an 8-12 week period of time to get an accurate analysis. The return on investment is directly correlated to the content, creativity and frequency of the commercial, NOT the station's airwaves. Radio gives you a stage to sing from, but the song is up to you. Our production team has 20 years of professional copywriting experience to help you write your "song".

8. Much has been published about all the media alternatives to radio, especially those for music. However, radio continues to hold a near-universal presence in the lives of Americans, reaching just over 93% of all Persons 12+ each week. Radioís reach among consumers in all age groups and both genders has held steady for years.

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