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Mike Shaw 5am-9am
Mike has been working in radio and television for nearly 40 years. Mike not only loves radio & TV heís also a huge fan of music! Heís got a huge record and CD collection (much to his wife's dismay) along with the best sounding state-of the-art audio equipment. Mikeís also an active runner and a biker, and just loves being outdoors.

JJ McKay 9am-2pm
JJ has been working in radio and television in a full or part-time capacity since 1977 when she graduated from Ohio University with a BSC in Radio/TV/Journalism. JJ enjoys doing mobile DJ gigs since she can engage the crowd in a live atmosphere & see everyone smiling while having so much fun! She also loves spending time hanging out with her pets as well as hiking, alone or with her significant other.

Jay Fox 2pm-7pm
Jay started his broadcasting career right out of high school in Winona, Minnesota. Through desire and dedication as host and program director, he has earned nominations from Billboard Magazine as Air Personality and Program Director of the Year. The Fox That Rocks is still rockin everyday! Jay lives with his wife Regina and children Jason and Melissa. He likes to work on his house and is very involved with charities of children.

Scott O'Brien 7pm-Midnight
Scott literally grew two inches in one day at age 15, when doctors straightened a curve in his spine and took him from 5í11í to 6í1í. The extra height and his deep voice helped him land a radio job while only a high school junior. By 20 he was on the air in Chicago. Scott is into history and golf, books and movies, and music ranging from Steely Dan to Maroon 5 and Sinatra. Heíd like to see the Broncos in the Super Bowl again and the Cubs win the World Series. (Itís good to dream big!)

Kent Richards Midnight-5am
Kentís love of music, the entertainment industry, and electronics has made his 30+ years in radio less of a job and more of a fun hobby. Heís also a big fan of most sports as a spectator & a player, keeps up on the latest in cars & planes, canít get enough of any cool new technology or gadget, and loves to relax with a good book. Kentís especially proud of his four beautiful children and the exciting paths theyíve taken with their lives.

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